7″ Twin Mobile DVD Player – Set of Two 7-Inch LED Screens, (8-Piece Kit)

  • VIDEO SHARE OPTION: View the same content on both screens- or watch different movies on each screen.
  • TWIN MOBILE DVD PLAYER: 7″ LED screens with built-in DVD players.
  • BUILT-IN: Speakers, Headphone jacks, and Electronic skip protection.
  • ACCESSORIES INCLUDED: 2 Remote controls (with batteries), 2 Car headrest mounting straps, Car power adapter, and Connection cable.




RCA (DRC6272E22) Twin Dual-Screen Portable/Mobile DVD Player – Set of Two 7-Inch LED Screens, (8-Piece Kit)

It’s inevitable- Kids have a hard time staying entertained on long car rides. Keep them, and their friends, happy and occupied for hours with this RCA 7-inch Twin Mobile DVD system. It allows you to play two different TVs at the same time to avoid fighting over which movie gets to be played. There is also the option to play the same DVD over both screens for easy sharing.

Want to attach this to the back of a car headrest for hands-free use? Not a problem. This system is mobile, easy to carry, and mounts easily for quick setup in any car. Unit comes with 2 car adapters giving you the ability to play movies until the car ride is over- no worrying about charging batteries. It also includes two remotes to keep users from fighting over who has the control. Make your next road trip as enjoyable and stress-free as possible!

Accessories Included

  • Instruction manual
  • 2 Remote controls
  • 2 AC Power Adaptor
  • Mounting Straps


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