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Boomboxes, Soundbars


RTS7015B, ONA13AV501, RAS1609BLE, RAS2866B2, RC2012, RC2015, RCD175, RCD331-BK, RCD331-WH, RCD378D RCR8622, RCS13101E, Ri500, RP2910B, RP3013, RP312A, RP7887C, RPD1687A, RPD663, RS22162, RTS7113WS, RS22363, RS2696i, RS2767iF, RS2768i, RS2867B, RS2928B, RS2929B, RS3081iH, RS3697BL, RS3965SB, RT151, RT2761HB, RT2770, RT2781BE, RT2781E, RT2781H, RT2911, RTB1016, RTB1016WE, RTB10230, RTB10323LW, RTD3133H, RTD317W, RTD3236H, RTD325W, RTD3266, RTD396, RTS635, RTS7010B, RTS7110B, RTS7110B-2, RTS7340SB, RTS735E, RTS736W, RTS796B, SPS3600, SPS3688B, RTS7113WS

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  1. Mary LeBlanc

    you have my model number under specs but not on the drop down menu. therefore im not sure im ordering the right ac adapter

    Mary LeBlanc

    • RCA

      Hey Mary LeBlanc, As long as the correct screen size of the tablet and type is selected, it should be right.


  2. Unsatisfied customer

    Didn’t fit

    Unsatisfied customer

    • RCA

      Hey Unsatisfied customer, If you could contact us at we would be glad to help you out!


  3. Robert Schulz

    I requested a charger for my 10,1 inc rca rct6103w46 android not a pro 10 and you said to buy a ac charger that will fit 9 10 and 11 inch tablets but my plug in says dc 5v so will it work?

    Robert Schulz

    • RCA

      Hey Robert Schulz, Yes, it will work with your unit as it has an output of 5V!


  4. Alpha

    Your two product types are Boomboxes and Soundbars but I need a power cord for a RCA CD player model RP2910B which appears under specs but not in the drop down menu so I am afraid that model number does not pertain to my CD player.


    • RCA

      Hey Alpha, Unfortunately, the unit does not come with AC adapter as it is powered by batteries.